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I put in my 10,000 hours and then some, and I have legitimate skills. I'm determined to help all those who want to transform themselves into winning traders, and I can stop you from making many of the mistakes I made. I'm a purely systematic futures trader and I design positive expectancy trading systems. I blog at
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Trading Routine
6 months ago no Comment

I’ve done all kinds of trading and traded all kinds of systems but for the last four years I’ve been trading the same mechanical end of day futures system, taking around 500 trades a year on average. I designed the systems myself, and trading system design is my “special area of expertise” I have 3 …

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Inside Days
2 years ago no Comment

Which leads me to one of my favourite topics – inside days. Which form the basis of many different production systems which I’ll be exploring with you over the coming months. For both stocks, futures, crypto and FX… there are strong edges here. (If you want done-for-you, professional grade systems with black and white rules, check …

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Price Action
3 years ago no Comment

We have accumulating evidence that the bear trend might either be over, or starting a multi-week pullback. Let’s look at what happens going forward and see if the evidence is consistent with that Some crucial information that you just don’t get without reading the price action. The first bar off the lows is pretty strong, …

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Pullbacks in an UP trend
3 years ago no Comment

Nobody is going to argue with you if you say that buying pullbacks in an uptrend is a good idea. It’s very solid. But we can improve it with specificity. What are the BEST pullbacks? 1) The best pullbacks are after a strong breakout 2) The best pullbacks aren’t really pullbacks, just sideways consolidation periods …

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Exit Strategy
4 years ago no Comment

With trading systems the dumbest, simplest, stupidest crap often works nearly as well as complicated things. I was blown away when I found out that multi-billion dollar hedge funds use pretty simple stuff for their trading systems. Then I later realised that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. As my friend (legendary hedge fund trader you …

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