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Hi there!Welcome and thank you for connecting. I appreciate the possibility that we can learn & share from each other. I have following things in my DNA,Business Analysis and Project Management (I'm Agent of Change!):Requirements Management, Change Management, Agile Project Methodologies, liaison between end-users and teams at various stages of the project, Gap Analysis, UML and Business Modeling, Business Use Cases, Business Process & DocumentationCurrently performing 'Risk Assessment' of 'Supply Chain Management Operations' in Financial/Banking Sector:Assessment, prioritizing and monitoring of ‘customer sites’ using human intelligence to ‘identify risks’.Develop field operation plans with objective to support teams to ‘identify hazards and eliminate or minimizerisks’ for operation teams.Maintain database of confidential information, create ‘field assessment reports’, catalog and providerecommendations to internal committees and external stakeholders.Improve analytical quality of ‘Risk Assessment’ and provide recommendations from field assessments toenhance safety.Maintain a high degree of professionalism, customer service and responsibilities include:Provide customers with safe and secure cash management solutionsOn-Road Cash-In-Transit training for new hires.Route logisticsSafely operate various types of sophisticated company vehiclesABM diagnostics and servicingCarry restricted and non-restricted licensed firearms, A.T.C while fulfilling duties.Take part in continuous training, and re-qualification testing annually, passed, completed and/or met allrequired testing, background checks, and qualification standardsSecure Transport Operations:Performance Management: Key Performance Indicators, metrics and reportsOccupational Health & Safety:Canadian Labor Code, OH&S best practices in accordance with 'Work Safe BC' regulations and Occupational Health & Safety legislation. Personal:  Singular vision that I want with my life. Designing life: the 12 areas of four dimensions of my life to map out a holistic success for all of them. Balance four dimensions mind, heart, body and spirit.  A fit and healthy body. A vibrant and active mind. A fulfilling career. Financial freedom. A passionate romance.  These 12 life categories of four dimensions: Dimension one "Body" Health and fitness Financial life Career Quality of life Dimension two "heart" Emotional life Your love Social life Parenting Dimension three "mind" Intellectual life Your character Dimension four "Spirit" Spiritual life Overall life vision    
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Creating My Personal Trading Plan
7 months ago no Comment

I want FIRE– Financial Independence and Retire Early! I want to trade for living. I have been trading for ten years, but I started trading professionally only five years ago with OTA. After these five years I made some meager profits, but I did not lose money. This makes me confident and keeps me pushing …

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Be A Professional Trader
2 years ago no Comment

Trading and investment  is a “zero sum game“, because when in the market “professionals” make money. There are “amateurs  who lose” money on the other side of the trade. This is also known as smart money and dumb money (what amateurs lose). So it is about time for you to decide, “What kind of trader you wanna be?” My …

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Financial Independence & Retiring Early – F.I.R.E.
2 years ago 1 Comment

Pension recovery tax The CRA implements a pension recovery tax ( 15% OAS claw-back ) on Old Age Security payments when net world income exceeds threshold ( for the tax year 2020 this amount is $79,054). Full OAS would be wiped out at the maximum income recovery threshold of $128,137. What is added into the …

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What is roll of a Business Analyst ?
3 years ago no Comment

Business analyst can be seen as communication bridge between IT and the business stakeholders. Business analysts are good at these soft skills: “verbal and written communicators, tactful, diplomatic, problem solvers, thinkers and analyzers” . They engage stakeholders to understand their needs in rapidly changing business environments. Business Analysis Is Comprised of Three Core Elements: Business Strategy – Analyse the strategic profile of …

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Getting ready for the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’
4 years ago no Comment

The disruptive technologies have always shaken the status quo of the job markets. The first power looms was built-in 1785, and by the 1850 there was 260,000 power looms in England, and traditional weavers were out of business and work in no time, despite brutal protests! Fast forward to 2018, look at “Workopolis List” of  new jobs in …

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Forex Trading Mindset with Dashboard
4 years ago no Comment

Trading mindset of a traders is ‘automated learned behavior’ to trade following strategy or strategies. For example, one of the strategy called ‘Trend following’ with an objective to ‘find the market imbalance’, that  is supply and demand, this is sub-goal of ‘your trading plan’! This trading mindset is to help me think like a professional Forex …

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Trading Station-FXCM Desktop Layout Setup for Forex Trading
4 years ago no Comment

FXCM Desktop Settings for Layout, Marketscope and Charts for Forex trading ; Step 1: Download FXCM Desktop application from FXCM Desktop App downloadStep 2: Install the application Step 3: Login into your account : ‘Real’ or ‘Demo paper  account’Step 4: Layout and settings: This is probably what desktop application would look like! However this is not much …

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Forex Trade: leverage, pip value and swap calculations
4 years ago no Comment

Forex calculations, margin calculation, pip value, swap and rollover, trade commission

Forex Trade: leverage, pip value and swap calculations
4 years ago no Comment

I entered a trade yesterday (27th November, 2017) on the GBP/JPY. My account currency in Euros. Let us understand the mathematics behind the trade and how to calculate various Forex values manually. Currency Pair: GBPJPY  ‘Base currency’ is GBP and the ‘Quote currency’ is JPY.Current price: 147.80   JPY 147.80 for 1 unit of GBP Quoted in …

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Anatomy of Monetary Policy
4 years ago no Comment

To manage ‘national economy‘, the governments execute ‘political maneuverings’ like, Fiscal(Taxes) and Monetary policy (Interest rates), Trade, Revenue Spending and Reforms. Central Banks (Federal Reserve, BOE, ECB, BOJ, RBA, RBI, BOC) are responsible for most of these activities. The Central Banks sets the discount (interest rate banks charge among themselves) and prime interest rates (base interest rate charged to consumers for borrowing money)for lending money in the open market. …

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