Be A Professional Trader

Trading and investment  is a “zero sum game“, because when in the market “professionals” make money.

There are “amateurs  who lose” money on the other side of the trade. This is also known as smart money and dumb money (what amateurs lose).

So it is about time for you to decide, “What kind of trader you wanna be?”

My guess is, you want to be a professional traders. But who is a professional trader anyway?

  1. A person formally certified by virtue of having completed a required courses of studies.
  2. A person with 360 degree knowledge, who spent months and years  to study and practice trading.
  3. Follows a code of conduct, rules plans and methods about his professional trading.
  4. Member of some trading community.
  5. A person who has achieved an acclaimed level of proficiency in his or her calling (trading).

Unfortunately, there is no school teaching you stock trading but make sure you get good education from reputed resources.

To invest money in any stock or assets class  you need knowledge, to get knowledge spend hours, weeks, and months before you risk your money,  and without knowledge you cant make smart money from amateurs! Do you know what is number one misconception about the trading? “To get rich quick by trading!” You can not  just invest your money because you want to make money. This is what the majority of novice traders do, and lose their money.

 It takes time to be a profitable trader, you will fail few times and lose some money, and you will have rough time(like me!) ,to all the new traders out there I recommend you start with :

Japanese candlestick Each candle stick tells a story about the price history, you will learn about Japanese candlestick and how to use them to predict the future movement of the price.

Support and resistance Learn what does it mean by support and resistance, their roles, and how to draw them professionally to find the best entries and exits in the market .

Forex This web site has a lot of courses and tips for novice traders to get acquainted with nuts and bolts of the Forex Trading, in this free course learn how to draw trend lines and like professionals.

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