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Be A Guide.

Share what your skills, learn from others and grow. 

Be a mentor!

Coaching and mentoring use the same skills and approach but “coaching is short term task-based” and “mentoring is a longer term relationship”.

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    Why you should share your experiences with others?

    1. It ingrains what you know and deepen fix and establish your knowledge firmly.
    2. It expands what you know as it keeps your eyes, ears, and mind open, thus we learn something new in the process as well.
    3. It establishes your reputation as an authority. Do not tell people, you’re an expert, but give them a taste in a way that helps raise their level of expertise.
    4. It increases your professional value.When your expertise helps the entire team, and translate into tangible rewards and real dollars.

    How you can share what you know with others?

    By Mentoring, writing, taring others and be coming resourceful.

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    Investing is not for the rich only! Power of compounding turns small investments into big rewards. 

    Know Your Risk Appetite
    Plan investing as according to your financial situation and goals, and get your risk appetite defined.
    Build Your Portfolio
    Build your portfolio based on your risk tolerance.
    Manage Your Portfolio
    Balance, hedge and manage your portfolio.

    Are You New to Trading Forex?

    Learn Forex trading system and secrets from a professional trader that will fast track your success as a Forex Trader

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    Business Analysis

    Business analyst  mainly focus on two things; (a) analyzing organizations and systems: must juggle multiple projects and priorities at once, and (b) whether his or her  analysis “makes sense” with regard to the company’s broader strategy.

    Business analysts  must determine if products and projects are viable and profitable.

    BAs understand various aspects of a project and work project managers, the C-suite, and teams, which makes interpersonal skills an absolute must.



    FX Dashboard app automatically scan the selected 28 major cross pairs (not universe of FX pairs) for the best short-term trades, and then will also automatically populate watch list and  your selected pairs to be exported to basket trader.

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    What great leaders are saying

    Warren Buffett’s quotes based on Noah’s story: “Predicting the rain doesn’t count; building arks does.” 

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    What's the global outlook,  is it expanding, contracting or highly uncertain?


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    Jas Mahay

    Trader, Business Analyst and student of Economics. 

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