The discovery which saved me from blowing up my account

Way back in 2010 I was nearly fucked, staring down the barrel of account destruction.

I’d become permabear from reading too much of Robert Prechter’s Elliot Wave nonsense and I was in severe danger of blowing up my account.

My fault for being a sucker. I’d still like to punch him in his stupid face, but it’s still my fault.

Anyway, I turned this around by stopping trading for a month and searching for an edge.

Today I want to show you the edge I found, and built a system that gave me my first triple digit year… saving my ass in the process.

This is the ES futures candle today. Looks like nothing much, really.

But here’s the thing. Thats a 24hr chart, and most of the volume happens in the New York session. Here’s what the cash index chart looks like

So on the index (the real market) we have a gap open sell setup (from the Price Action Masterclass)

And we know that markets most often make gaps at the START and the END of a move.

The discovery which saved my ass was simple. The pattern setups have DOUBLE THE EXPECTANCY when they are taken off the cash index and not the futures.

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