How to build trading execution skill to be a pro traders?

When you strip the non-essential out of it there are really only two things you need to be a pro trader

1) A system

2) The skill to execute that system and keep proper records

Now, a lot of you have the System Building Masterclass so you either have my system rules, other good system rules, or the ability to build and test your own systems.


But truthfully, a lot of people who buy the System Building Masterclass are falling short in the raw skill it takes to execute a system and follow it properly. In fact, most of the actually successful traders who bought the course already are pretty good system traders in their own right.

In my “Going Pro”webinar this week I’ll be showing you how I bridge that skill gap with the candidates on our Intensive Mentorship Course.

Essentially what I do is teach an EXTREMELY complicated system.

This is me executing the system this morning on EURUSD on 15 minute charts.

Now, unsurprisingly, I can show you the rules for the system, but you will probably have zero chance of getting it right every time.

So how do we build that skill? How can you turn yourself into a world class execution trader?

We break it down into it’s component parts, and when you are competent we stack an extra skill on top. Just like learning a new language, or learning a martial art, or learning astrophysics.

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