Forex Swing Trading Ideas for the Week #25

This is Forex advance trend analysis for most probable trades in major and minor pairs as per following description;

  • PAIR – Forex pair under this study
  • SCORE – Trend strength in percentage -100 is downtrend and +100 is uptrend.
  • TIME FRAMES – M-Monthly, -Weekly, D-Daily time frames were studied and congruence found on the notes time frames.
  • TREND – Trend direction via two methods (1) pivot High Lows and (2) EMA20 & EMA50 crossover method
  • RANK- Today’s currency strength rank, from 1 to 8
  • ATR- Daily ATR (14) for risk (Stop loss and entry )
  • Resist.- Nearest best Resistance level (Supply) ( Technical Analysis )
  • Pivot- pivot point
  • Support – nearest support ( Demand level )
  • Price Stamp – price stamp at the time of analysis (PST 10:25 pm 20 June,2018)
  • ACTION- Buy or Sell
AUDCAD-60WD - [2/5]UPUPAUD# 5580.98590.98150.9770.98055BUY
AUDCHF-60WD - [5/1]DOWNDOWNAUD# 5580.74240.73520.72720.73478SELL
AUDJPY-60WD - [7/0]DOWNDOWNAUD# 57382.3681.3480.3581.498SELL
AUDUSD-100MWD-[1/7]DOWNUPAUD# 5600.74420.73820.73120.7364SELL
CADCHF-60WD - [9/1]DOWNDOWNCAD# 3610.7540.7490.74360.74933SELL
CADJPY-90MWD-[11/0]DOWNDOWNJPY# 27383.4782.8982.3683.111SELL
EURAUD70WD - [1/7]UPDOWNEUR# 6991.5851.56821.55381.56975BUY
EURCAD60WD - [2/8]UPUPEUR# 61081.5521.53971.52831.53929BUY
EURCHF-90MWD-[7/1]DOWNDOWNEUR# 6631.15981.15311.14671.15347SELL
EURGBP60WD - [5/2]UPDOWNEUR# 6520.88380.87860.87390.87885BUY
EURJPY-90MWD-[9/0]DOWNDOWNEUR# 6102128.96127.61126.44127.934SELL
EURNZD70WD - [10/0]UPDOWNEUR# 61131.7061.68311.6631.69011BUY
EURUSD-100MWD-[0/7]DOWNUPEUR# 6871.16721.15711.14771.156SELL
GBPAUD70WD - [5/3]UPUPGBP# 71361.80791.78471.76371.78613BUY
GBPCAD60WD - [3/5]UPUPGBP# 71311.76831.75241.73691.75145BUY
GBPCHF-70WD - [8/1]DOWNUPGBP# 7901.32371.31241.30081.31246SELL
GBPJPY-90MWD-[9/0]DOWNDOWNGBP# 7121146.85145.21143.75145.568SELL
GBPNZD-60WD - [10/1]UPDOWNGBP# 71531.94421.91461.88851.92303BUY
GBPUSD-100MWD-[0/8]DOWNUPGBP# 7981.32851.31791.30671.31535SELL
NZDUSD-100MWD-[0/8]DOWNUPNZD# 8550.69610.68810.67870.68396SELL
USDCAD100MWD-[8/1]UPDOWNUSD# 4931.33821.32991.32241.33162BUY
USDJPY60WD - [9/0]DOWNDOWNUSD# 463111.2110.23109.41110.672SELL
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I feel ethereal! Storm inside me!

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