Be a mentor!

Coaching and mentoring use the same skills and approach but “coaching is short term task-based” and “mentoring is a longer term relationship”.

Why you should share your experiences with others:

  1. It ingrains what you know and deepen fix and establish your knowledge firmly.
  2. It expands what you know as it keeps your eyes, ears, and mind open, thus we learn something new in the process as well.
  3. It establishes your reputation as an authority. Do not tell people, you’re an expert, but give them a taste in a way that helps raise their level of expertise.
  4. It increases your professional value.When your expertise helps the entire team, and translate into tangible rewards and real dollars.

How you can share what you know with others?

By Mentoring, writing, taring others and be coming resourceful.

“None of us are as good alone as we are with an amazing team of people” -Lisa Lutoff-Perlo

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